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Everything You Need To Know About Netgear R6850 Comprehensive Review

The NETGEAR R6850 is a powerful router that provides fast, reliable internet connections. It is designed for homes and businesses, providing outstanding performance and security. This comprehensive review will provide an in-depth look at the features of this router, including its impressive speed, range, and security settings.

Additionally, it will present a comparison to competing routers in order to determine which is the best option for a given situation. Finally, it will offer insight into the customer service experience associated with NETGEAR products and services. In sum, this article offers an extensive evaluation of the NETGEAR R6850 router.

The NETGEAR R6850 router is capable of delivering speeds up to 1.2 Gbps with dual band technology. Along with this impressive speed comes the ability to support multiple devices simultaneously without sacrificing performance or reliability.

It also features advanced security settings such as WPA/WPA2 encryption and a firewall to protect against malicious attacks from outside sources. Furthermore, it has an expansive range that allows for coverage throughout large homes or offices.

When comparing the NETGEAR R6850 to similar routers on the market, one can confidently attest that it offers superior performance and reliability when compared with its competitors in terms of speed and range capabilities as well as security settings.

Additionally, customers who have purchased NETGEAR products can attest to the excellent customer service experience they receive when dealing with issues or questions about their product(s). This article looks at all these aspects in depth in order to provide readers with an informed opinion on whether this router is right for them or not.


The Netgear R6850 is a powerful dual-band wireless router that provides users with fast and reliable internet access. It features an 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi connection for maximum speed and coverage, four Gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed wired connections, and a USB 3.0 port for connecting external storage devices.

The R6850 also offers advanced security features such as WPA2 encryption and a guest network option. Additionally, the R6850 has an easy to use web interface that makes setting up and managing the router simple. This comprehensive review will discuss the key features of the Netgear R6850, its performance in various scenarios, setup process, and more.

In terms of design, the Netgear R6850 has a sleek black finish with white accents around its vents on the top surface. On the back of the device are four Gigabit Ethernet ports, one USB 3.0 port, one WAN port, one power input port and one reset button. The device is powered by an 800MHz processor with 256MB RAM and 128MB flash memory which allows it to provide fast data speeds even under heavy usage scenarios.

The Netgear R6850 supports dual-band 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi connections at speeds up to 1.9Gbps on both bands simultaneously when using compatible hardware such as smartphones or laptops with dual band Wi-Fi adapters installed.

The router also supports MU-MIMO technology which allows it to deliver higher connection speeds to multiple clients simultaneously without sacrificing performance or range. Furthermore, it is equipped with advanced security features such as WPA2 encryption and a guest network option for added protection against unauthorized access attempts from outside sources.


The Netgear R6850 is a powerful router that offers the latest in wireless technology. It features four external antennas, dual-band Wi-Fi, and MU-MIMO for streaming multiple devices simultaneously. With its 1GHz dual core processor and advanced QoS, users can enjoy lag-free gaming, smooth video streaming, and uninterrupted downloading up to 1000 Mbps. Below are some of its specifications:

  1. Wireless Technology: 802.11ac Dual Band Gigabit
  2. Processor: 1GHz Dual Core
  3. Antennas: 4 x External (Dual Band)
  4. Ports: Four 10/100/1000 (1 WAN & 3 LAN) Ethernet ports with auto-sensing technology

The Netgear R6850 is also equipped with Beamforming+, which helps to maintain strong connections even at extended range by focusing the signal directly to the connected device instead of broadcasting it in all directions. It also comes with various security measures such as WPA2 encryption, guest network access control, parental controls and more for added security to protect your home network from outside threats.

Overall, this router offers excellent performance and features for a mid-range price point making it a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable yet feature packed router.


The Netgear R6850 is a comprehensive router designed to meet the needs of home and small business networks. It has a range of features that make it suitable for a variety of applications. This section will discuss some of the features that make the Netgear R6850 an attractive option.

Wi-Fi 6 Technology802.11ax, 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band,OFDMA technology, Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) technology
Dual Core Processor & MU-MIMO Technology1 GHz dual core processor with OFDMA and MU-MIMO technologies for high speed connections with less network congestion
High Speed Wired Connections4 Gigabit Ethernet ports with speeds up to 1 Gbps each and one USB 3.0 port for fast file transfers and storage sharing
Easy Setup & ManagementEasy setup through mobile device or web browser, simple guest networking setup, parental controls, firmware updates, etc., all from the Netgear app or web interface

The Netgear R6850 also offers advanced security measures such as WPA3 encryption protocols for secure data transmission and access control settings for setting up user profiles with different access restrictions. Additionally, the router is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands as well as dynamic QoS (Quality of Service) network traffic prioritization to ensure uninterrupted streaming of video or music files.

Overall, the Netgear R6850 provides an impressive suite of features that makes it suitable for both home and small business networks. With its combination of advanced security measures, wireless connectivity options and easy setup options it is sure to meet any user’s needs.

Setup Process

The R6850 is easy to setup and configure. It has a quick installation process that requires no technical knowledge. It requires only basic configuration steps, such as setting up the wireless network name (SSID) and password, connecting to the internet, and making sure it is secure. The Netgear Genie app can be used to get started with the setup process. It provides step-by-step instructions for setting up the router, configuring its settings, and getting connected to the internet.

The setup process is relatively simple, taking only a few minutes.

The R6850 also supports advanced features such as Quality of Service (QoS), port forwarding/triggering, Dynamic DNS (DDNS), and parental controls. These features are easily accessible through the web interface and can be configured in a few clicks. The QoS feature allows users to prioritize certain types of traffic over others, ensuring that important applications have enough bandwidth when needed.

The parental control feature helps users block access to websites or services based on their ages or interests.

Overall, setting up the Netgear R6850 is straightforward and hassle-free. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone to configure its settings without any technical knowledge or expertise required. Its support for advanced features adds an extra layer of security and convenience for users who want more control over their network environment.

Pros And Cons

The Netgear R6850 is a versatile router with many features and benefits. It offers reliable performance in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands, making it ideal for streaming media and gaming. The router also features advanced security protocols such as WPA2 and secure remote access via VPN or OpenVPN, making it suitable for home networks that need extra protection. In addition, the R6850 has four Gigabit Ethernet ports and one USB 3.0 port, allowing users to connect a variety of devices to their network.

On the downside, the Netgear R6850 can be difficult to set up due to its complex software interface. Additionally, some users have reported that the router performs poorly when multiple devices are connected at once. Finally, although this router comes with advanced security protocols, they are not enabled by default, so users must take extra steps to ensure their network is secure.

Security Options

The Netgear R6850 offers users a range of security options. The router has a built-in firewall which is enabled by default and works to protect against outside malicious threats. It also supports WPA2/WPA3 wireless encryption, allowing users to protect their network connections from unauthorised access. Additionally, the R6850 features guest network access which allows users to create an isolated Wi-Fi network that can be used by visitors without granting them access to the main network.

The router also has parental control options that can be used to block certain types of content, such as adult websites or social media sites, and limit the amount of time children are allowed to spend online. This can help ensure that children are not accessing inappropriate content online and spending too much time on the internet. Furthermore, it includes a built-in VPN server which allows users to securely connect their devices from remote locations.

Overall, the Netgear R6850 provides users with a range of security options which can help keep their networks secure and allow them to monitor and control their children’s internet usage. Thus, this router is suitable for those who require additional security features for their home or small business networks.

Performance Evaluation

The Netgear R6850 offers a robust performance for home and small office networks. It is capable of providing up to 1.2 Gigabits per second (Gbps) data transfer speed, with four simultaneous streams of data transmission. The router also supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, which can be used to stream HD video without interruptions or buffering.

The performance of the R6850 is a result of its powerful dual-core processor and ample amount of RAM. This combination allows it to process requests quickly and efficiently, while five external antennas provide optimal wireless coverage throughout the home or office. Additionally, the router is equipped with an array of advanced features designed to help increase security, such as WPA2 encryption, parental controls, and guest networking capabilities.

In evaluating the performance of the R6850:

  1. Data transfer speeds up to 1.2 Gbps are achieved with four simultaneous streams of data transmission
  2. Dual-core processor and ample RAM provide quick request processing
  3. Five external antennas provide optimal wireless coverage throughout your space
  4. Advanced features including WPA2 encryption, parental controls and guest networking capabilities
    Overall, the Netgear R6850 offers excellent performance for home and small office networks. Its powerful processor and RAM combination enable quick response times while its range of advanced features ensure secure access at all times.

Parental Controls

Moving on from the evaluation of performance, this section will focus on the parental controls available with the Netgear R6850 router. With more and more children using computers, it is important for parents to ensure their children are protected when online. In this regard, the Netgear R6850 offers several options to help parents control what their children can access online.

The first parental control feature is that of content filtering. This allows a parent to block certain websites or types of content based on keyword or other criteria they specify. Content filtering can also limit access to certain groups such as social media sites or gaming sites. The Netgear R6850 also offers time-based access control, allowing a parent to set rules about when and for how long a child can be online.

The final parental control feature offered by the Netgear R6850 router is its ability to monitor online activity. Parents are able to view an activity log detailing which websites were visited and when they were accessed, along with any downloads that took place during a session. This allows parents to keep track of their children’s activities while they are online and make sure they remain safe while browsing the internet.

Price Comparison

When researching the Netgear R6850, it is important to consider its price. The device’s MSRP is $179.99, and can be found at a variety of online retailers for significantly less. Amazon currently lists it for $159.99, while Newegg has it listed for $149.99. Other sites may have additional discounts available as well.

The R6850 is comparable to other routers in its price range, with many offering similar features for similar prices. For example, Linksys’ WRT 3200 ACM has an MSRP of $249.99 but can be found online for around $179.99; this router provides many of the same features as the R6850 and offers a slightly higher speed rating (3200 Mbps versus 2167 Mbps).

The Netgear R6850 is a good choice when considering price; its MSRP is fair compared to other routers in its class and online retailers often offer discounts on the device that make it an even better value proposition. Additionally, customers should compare feature sets and speed ratings to ensure they are getting the most out of their purchase before making any decisions regarding which router to purchase.


The Netgear R6850 is a great router, but there are other options available on the market. This section will explore some comparable routers and their features in comparison to the R6850.

R6850$129Dual-band, 8 external antennas
Netgear RAX200$599Tri-band, 12 external antennas, Wi-Fi 6
Asus RT-AC86U$179Dual-band, 4 external antennas
Linksys WRT3200ACM$249Tri-band, 4 external antennas

The Netgear RAX200 is one of the most expensive routers on this list and comes with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology. It has 12 external antennas for maximum coverage and tri-band capabilities for faster speeds. If you’re looking for top of the line performance, this router is your best option.

The Asus RT-AC86U is a dual band router that offers similar performance to the R6850 at a slightly lower price point. This router has four external antennas which provide good coverage throughout your home or office space. Additionally, it comes with an intuitive user interface so you can easily set up and customize your network settings.

Finally, there’s the Linksys WRT3200ACM which is another tri-band router with four external antennas. It provides good coverage and reliability while still being relatively affordable compared to other routers on this list. This router also includes advanced security features to keep your network safe from malicious attacks.

All of these routers offer solid features and performance at different price points depending on your budget and needs. With all these alternatives available on the market today, consumers have plenty of options when choosing a new router for their home or office network needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Easy Is The Netgear R6850 To Set Up?

The Netgear R6850 is a router marketed as having “ultra-fast speeds” and “advanced features”. It is designed to be easy to set up and use. To understand how easy it is to set up the Netgear R6850, an analysis of its features, setup process, and user experience must be undertaken.

The Netgear R6850 has several features that make it attractive for users who need reliable performance. It has four external antennas that provide enhanced coverage and improved range, a dual-core 1GHz processor that enables fast data processing, and support for MU-MIMO technology that allows multiple devices to connect at once without sacrificing speed or performance.

Additionally, it comes with Beamforming+ which focuses Wi-Fi signals directly to connected devices for improved range and reliability.

Setting up the device requires connecting the router to power, connecting it to the modem via an Ethernet cable, downloading the Nighthawk app from the App Store or Google Play Store, registering the device on netgear’s website, and following the instructions on screen. The overall setup process should take no more than 15 minutes. Once setup is complete, users can access their network settings from any mobile device or web browser.

The user experience with the Netgear R6850 is generally positive due to its ease of use and reliable performance. Users report that it operates reliably even when multiple devices are connected simultaneously. Furthermore, they report a noticeable improvement in speed when compared to other routers they have used in the past. Overall, this makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable router with excellent performance capabilities.

Is The Netgear R6850 Compatible With Other Routers?

The question of whether the NETGEAR R6850 is compatible with other routers is an important one. As a router, it needs to be able to work with other types of equipment in order to create a network. Fortunately, the NETGEAR R6850 is indeed compatible with other routers on the market. This makes it possible for users to build a reliable and secure home network.

The compatibility of the NETGEAR R6850 extends beyond just routers. It also works with access points, switches, modems and more. This means that users can easily expand their home network and add additional devices without having to purchase new hardware. The device also supports Wi-Fi 6 technology, which allows for faster speeds and better coverage than previous generations of wireless networks.

In addition, the NETGEAR R6850 has been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance for its interoperability with other products. This ensures that all devices will work together seamlessly and securely without any issues or compatibility problems arising during use. With this certification in place, users can rest assured that their home network will remain safe and reliable.

Does The Netgear R6850 Have Any Built-In Security Features?

The NETGEAR R6850 is a wireless router that offers various features, including built-in security. This article will explore the security features of the NETGEAR R6850 in more detail.

The NETGEAR R6850 offers several security features to protect connected devices from malicious activity. It has a firewall that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic and blocks any unsolicited requests. Additionally, it includes parental controls which allow users to restrict access to certain websites or online services. Furthermore, the router supports WPA2 encryption, which prevents unauthorized access to the network.

Finally, the NETGEAR R6850 also comes with a host of other features such as Quality of Service (QoS) optimization, guest network support, and USB port sharing for storage or printing devices. These additional features help users get the most out of their connected device experience while also ensuring their safety and security online.

What Is The Range Of The Netgear R6850?

The NETGEAR R6850 is a Wi-Fi router that provides high-speed internet access to multiple devices. A key feature of this model is its range, which determines how far the signal can reach. Considering this, it is important to understand the range of the NETGEAR R6850.

The NETGEAR R6850 has a maximum theoretical range of up to 2,500 square feet when used in an open environment with no obstacles such as walls and furniture. This makes it suitable for large homes or offices where coverage needs to be extended over multiple rooms or floors. In addition, the router supports beamforming technology which helps extend the range by focusing and intensifying the Wi-Fi signal towards connected devices.

Finally, users should note that this theoretical maximum range may vary depending on several factors such as device type, distance from the router, presence of physical obstructions, and interference from other wireless signals. It is therefore important to take these into account when estimating the actual effective range of the NETGEAR R6850 in a particular environment.

Can I Connect Multiple Devices To The Netgear R6850?

The Netgear R6850 is a high performance router which offers the latest in networking technology. It has a range of features which enable it to support multiple devices, allowing users to easily connect multiple computers and other connected devices at once. This article will explore the capabilities of the Netgear R6850 in terms of its ability to accommodate multiple device connections.

The Netgear R6850 has four Gigabit Ethernet ports that can be used to connect up to four different devices simultaneously. Additionally, two USB ports are incorporated into the design which allow for further device connections such as external hard drives or printers. All ports are compatible with both wired and wireless connections, so users have the flexibility to choose how they want to use their network setup.

Furthermore, the router also supports dual-band Wi-Fi allowing it to provide faster speeds than traditional single-band routers while accommodating more devices on the same network.

In addition, the Netgear R6850 has an advanced Quality of Service (QoS) feature which automatically prioritizes bandwidth use depending on each device’s network needs. This ensures that each user always gets optimal performance from their connection regardless of how many devices are connected at once.

The QoS feature can also be customized manually by users who wish to set specific priority levels for certain applications or devices on their network.

Overall, the Netgear R6850 is an ideal solution for users who require a reliable router capable of handling multiple device connections simultaneously without sacrificing performance or reliability. With its advanced features such as dual-band Wi-Fi and Quality of Service settings, this router provides a great option for those looking for a powerful and flexible networking solution.


The NETGEAR R6850 is an attractive option for those seeking a reliable router, offering ease of setup and compatibility with other routers. This router also provides a number of security features to protect users’ data and devices. With a range of up to 2500 square feet, the NETGEAR R6850 can provide connection to multiple devices in the home or office.

In conclusion, the NETGEAR R6850 is an excellent choice for those looking for a secure and reliable router that is easy to set up and compatible with other routers. The wide range offered by this router makes it suitable for both small and large homes or offices, while its built-in security features provide peace of mind that user information is safe. With all these benefits combined, the NETGEAR R6850 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive networking solution.