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How to Activate JioFi SIM Card

Are you having trouble setting up and activating your Jiofi device? Don’t worry about it. This post will show you step-by-step how to activate your JioFi SIM card.

A SIM card is needed so that the devices can connect to the internet wirelessly. The JioFi device is a portable hotspot that lets you connect to high-speed broadband.

The device is easy to take with you anywhere. With a Jio SIM in it, you can also enjoy super-fast internet speeds and HD voice and video calls.

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How to Activate JioFi SIM Card for Services

Once you’ve bought the portable device and given the necessary information to get a SIM card, you’ll get a message on your registered number. This message tells you what to do to verify the SIM card on the phone.

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting your JioFi SIM card working:

  • To Purchase a JioFi M2s device and SIM, you will need to carry the following documents to the service center:
    • Passport photo,
    • One photo ID and
    • Proof of address such as electricity bill.
  • Go to the nearby service center near your location and ask for a JioFi device and present them with your documents.
  • They will provide you with a form, which needs to be filled after which you will be provided with a SIM card that needs to be activated.
  • You will receive a message at your registered number containing the necessary details to get your SIM tele-verified.
  • You will need to call the JioFi customer support services helpline for telephone verification.

JioFi SIM Verification Required

You still can’t use your SIM, and you can’t get to the JioFi Login Portal. To verify your SIM card through the Jio helpline, you still need to take a few more steps. For verification, you can choose from the following:

Voice and data service should be turned on:

  • Call 1977 from your Jio mobile number to turn on both voice and data services.
  • To do this, you will need to put the JioFi sim card into your phone and then call the services center. They will help you through the process of verification.

To turn on Data Services Only:

  • Dial 1800-899-1977 to turn on only the data services from your registered mobile number.
  • The person on the other end will ask for your credentials.
  • Enter the 5-digit PIN that was sent to your backup number, or
  • Enter the last four numbers on your voter ID card or passport, or
  • For Tele-verification, call the contact center.

Most likely, the SIM will be activated in 1 to 2 hours. In some cases, activating the SIM card took up to 4-5 hours. So the people who use it are asked to be patient.

After you’ve been verified, the services on your Jio SIM card will be turned on.

Activation JioFi SIM Card Via JioFi App

You can also use the JioFi SIM card in your 4G-capable phone to use the internet or make phone calls. You can also make calls through the JioFi app. Here’s how:

  • Get the Jio4GVoice app and run it.
  • Connect to the JioFi WiFi, set it up, and enter the one-time password (OTP) that you got on your backup number.
  • Once you give the app access, you’re good to go.
  • You can immediately make phone calls, HD video calls, and send messages.

Remember that the person you’re calling should also be on the Jio network and using a 4G VoLTE device or Jio4GVoice.

Please note that customers who have done biometrics at the service center will not need to call the support center (1977) for voice and message activation. They can talk on the phone or send direct messages.

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JioFi SIM Card – FAQs

Q. How Long Does It Take to Activate JioFi SIM?

Ans. Usually, it takes one to two days to fully activate your SIM’s calling and internet service.

Q. Can we use another SIM card with the JioFi device?

Ans. Yes, you can use SIM cards from other networks with your JioFi device.

Q. Can we use a JIoFi SIM card in any 4G phone?

Ans. Yes, you can use the SIM on your smartphone and get the same features, like HD calling and the internet.

Q. How to find the username and password for JioFi Wifi and portal?

Ans. All of the login information is included in the device’s packaging. Just take off the battery cover to see the WIFI password and user name.