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Xfinity: How to Change WiFi Password Xfinity

Do you want to change the password for the wireless network on your Xfinity Gateway or router? If that’s the case, you’re in the correct place. Changing your Xfinity WiFi password is easy, and we’ll show you a few different methods here. It’s safe to say that Xfinity is the largest cable internet provider in the United States. There is a good probability that you already have an Xfinity Gateway installed in your home or place of business if you are a customer. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe while surfing the web, it’s smart to switch up your WiFi password every so often.

How to change WiFi password Xfinity using PC

If you want to change the WiFi password on your Xfinity Gateway, this is the first option. Apps are not required for this strategy. Instead, you’re using your computer to make the password change. Here are the measures to do in order to modify the Xfinity router’s wireless security key;

  1. Connect your computer to the Xfinity WiFi network you want to change the password for.
  2. Open up a web browser on your computer. Type in the address bar and press enter.
  3. You will now be taken to the page where Xfinity Gateway admins sign in. Use the default username and password to get in.
  4. The admin user name is the default for an Xfinity gateway.
  5. The Xfinity Gateway’s default password is “password.”
  6. Click on Gateway on the Administration page.
  7. Click Connection next.
  8. From there, click the WiFi button.
  9. Under Private WiFi Network, the name of your WiFi network will show up.
  10. There may be more than one WiFi network in there. This is something that modems do all the time now. The 2.4GHz band and the 5GHz band are where the two networks work. If you see more than one network, click “Edit” for each one. This will let you see how they are set up.
  11. Make sure that the section labeled “Show Network Password” is checked. You can change your Xfinity WiFi password from there.
  12. When done save your changes. You must now use your new password to connect all your devices.

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How to change WiFi password Xfinity Xfi using the Xfi app

To alter your Xfinity WiFi password, this is yet another viable option. If you have an xFi Gateway, it will function. The xFi app’s main selling point is that all aspects of your WiFi network’s configuration can be managed from a single screen. The Xfinity Xfi service allows you to do a wide variety of things. One of these is altering the WiFi password. Follow these directions to alter your Xfinity WiFi password when utilizing Xfi:

  1. First, you need to have installed the Xfinity xFi app. Download for Android and for iOS.
  2. Once installed, launch the app.
  3. You will be taken to the Overview page.
  4. You will see the names of your WiFi network(s) there.
  5. Change your Xfinity WiFi password by clicking on Edit WiFi.
  6. When done, click on Apply Changes.

How to Change Xfinity WiFi password online

Your Xfinity WiFi password can be updated online, too. Due to its portability, this technique ranks highly among the best available. Just follow these steps to modify your Xfinity WiFi password in real-time:

  1. Visit “My Account” on your computer.
  2. You must enter your username and password to log in.
  3. You can reset your password if you forget either of these.
  4. After you’ve signed in, go to the Settings tab.
  5. After that, select the WiFi network and enter the password.
  6. To edit, select that option.
  7. Modifying your Xfinity WiFi password is now possible.
  8. Don’t forget to save your work when you’re done.
  9. Using the new password, reconnect all of your devices to the Xfinity WiFi network.

Xfinity’s My Account App Allows You to Modify Your WiFi Password

You can alter your Xfinity WiFi password in this fourth approach. The Xfinity My Account app must be installed on your mobile device for this option to be available. This is how you can alter your Xfinity WiFi password through the My Account app:

  • Get the Xfinity My Account app on Google Play or the App Store.
  • Connect to the App.
  • Moving on, proceed to the Web by selecting it. This option is available via the menu.
  • There will be pictures of your Gateways. Select the person whose password you want to modify by clicking on their profile image or icon.
  • The next step is to select the option to Modify WiFi Settings.
  • The xFi homepage will load if you have an account there.
  • When you are finished making changes to your WiFi password, remember to save them before reconnecting your devices.

Essential Guidelines for Modifying Your Xfinity WiFi Password

At the outset, I mentioned that Xfinity is a massive corporation. Its internet service has millions of users. Because of this, there is the issue that the company’s Gateways come from different manufacturers. Arris and Cisco, for instance, both produce xFi Gateways. Changing your WiFi password is a topic we’ve been covering extensively in recent publications. Let’s start with the known truth that there are literally thousands of wifi router makers in the world.

The Xfinity Gateway is merely a router or modem with a catchy name. The SFR in France and the BT in the UK both use similarly descriptive names. You’d be fooling yourself if you thought these Gateways were any different from regular routers. The device is identical but for its name and appearance. It serves the same purpose.

However, we have noticed that the process of changing WiFi passwords is quite consistent across different networks. This is true whether one is discussing Insta Telecom in Afghanistan, BSNL in India, or Telkom in South Africa. Your proficiency with one gadget will transfer easily to others.

That’s especially true if you plan on employing the suggested computer-based approach to password reset described up top. Subtle distinctions, though, might trip up even the most seasoned professionals. Changing your WiFi password is an important task, and we’ve included this piece to assist you to do it successfully regardless of your wifi router.

Standard procedures for resetting wireless network passwords

It is important to remember that if you want to alter your WiFi password, you will need to go through a standard procedure. Xfinity or any other router, this holds true. This only applies to password changes made on a computer, not those made via the Xfinity My Account mobile app or connected to your mobile device. Here’s what you’ll require to alter your Xfinity WiFi password:

  • Obtaining your router’s factory-issued IP address is essential.
  • You can’t get away without using the standard username.
  • You’ll also need to know the factory-set password.

All this information is printed somewhere on your router

With these details in hand, you should be able to access Xfinity Gateway’s settings page and modify the password for your WiFi there. How, therefore, do we come to know all this stuff? Most people waste a lot of time looking for this info when it’s actually right in front of their noses the whole time.

All of this data is printed on a sticker that can be found on the back of your Gateway or underneath it. The IP address and Xfinity login credentials for your Gateway will be displayed. You should now be able to easily access the configuration page for your router.

Reset your Xfinity Wireless Gateway if you have forgotten your Admin password

When you first access your Gateway, you should change the factory-issued password. The password to some of the entry points is the password, as you may have seen. That’s trivially easy to figure out. That’s why you need to swap it out for a more secure password immediately. But there are others who do this and then promptly forget their new administrative passwords.

But what if you have to alter your Xfinity WiFi password from the back end? The good news is that a Gateway Reset will restore all settings to their defaults. You can access a hidden button on the back of your Gateway by inserting a pin or other pointed object into a small hole. Holding this button down for up to 15 seconds will restore the Xfinity Gateway to its original settings. After that, you can enter the system with the factory-set password.

Using the command prompt, you can quickly discover the router’s default IP address.

If you’ve been searching for advice on how to alter your Xfinity WiFi password, you’ll find some additional helpful tidbits below. The default IP address is one of the pieces of information we mentioned you need to change your WiFi password in the Gateway Admin section. You can usually find this information on the sticker we’ve been discussing. Alternatively, it might be a URL. The good news is that you can still get the default I.P for any router/Gateway by utilizing Command Prompt in the event that you can’t locate this info.

  • Join the Xfinity WiFi network on your PC.
  • To access the command prompt, click the Start button. To access the command prompt on Windows, simply type “cmd” into the search bar and click the resulting icon.
  • When the Command Prompt window opens, type ipconfig into it and hit enter.
  • In front of Default Gateway, you’ll see your system’s default IP address.

Choose a strong password

Choosing a robust password is a requirement of the Xfinity Change of WiFi password process. Despite the ease with which one can discover how to change one’s WiFi password Xfinity, many users still make the tragic mistake of replacing their old passwords with ones that are easily cracked.

For many, these are the names and birthdates of their children. However, this strategy is flawed. If you’d like to alter your Xfinity xFi WiFi password, you should think about the following.

  • In order to be secure, your password needs to be at least 10 characters long. Passwords that are less than a few characters are easily cracked by hackers.
  • Make your password more secure by including symbols. ! and *%#[email protected] are examples of special characters.
  • In addition to capitalization, using a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters in your WiFi password is a good practice. Passwords are case-sensitive, so XfINity and XFinIty are two different passwords.

Keeping your wireless network hidden

We’ll add one more piece of advice to this article on how to change your Xfinity WiFi password: keeping your network hidden is a great way to increase its security. The rationale behind this change is that burglars will be deterred from targeting homes and businesses with internet connections if they are unaware of the presence of such connections. In fact, it will be difficult for people to even figure out what the right WiFi name is.

Changing your Xfinity WiFi password seems unnecessary.

Therefore, why is it recommended that Xfinity Internet users periodically change their passwords? Isn’t the default password sufficient for protecting your system? You may want to know how to alter your Xfinity WiFi password for a variety of factors.

In the event that your WiFi network has been breached, you should immediately change the password.

Changing your WiFi password, for this reason, is arguably the most important. The majority of users reset their passwords when they suspect a breach in their network security. The typical outcome is that your strategy stops going above and beyond. You could also be experiencing a sudden slowdown in your internet speed. Many different things could cause this to occur.

Perhaps you have friends and neighbors who were given your password and you no longer wish to show them any kindness. In reality, individuals are always trying to find new ways to get free access to the web. There’s a good probability that some of your neighbors are looking into ways to hack into your WiFi network if you have it set up at your home or place of business and the internet is accessible to the public.

Think we’re making this up? Just think about how “how to hack my neighbors’ WiFi” is a popular search term today. The term “hackers” is not intended to be used here. We’re talking about regular folks who are desperate enough to try everything to get free WiFi, even if it means stealing from their neighbors to do it. Don’t bother with the fact that they have private WiFi at their houses.

Anyway, if you have reason to believe that a network intruder has gained access to your WiFi and is wasting your money downloading comedic videos from YouTube, you should familiarize yourself with the process of changing your WiFi password on Xfinity. In this manner, you can cut off access to your network from anyone else using it.

Protect your Xfinity Wi-Fi network from hackers by changing the password.

Recently, we came across a piece written by a person whose neighbor had disabled their WiFi network. It appears that the neighbor stole your WiFi password and then changed it from the router’s administrative interface. As has been mentioned before, neighbors can pose a serious threat. But in comparison to hackers, they provide a far smaller risk.

Nothing you tell them about your data matters to them. The hackers’ only goal is to take control of your WiFi and use it to access your financial and other sensitive information. At that point, they will begin dispersing your funds around the globe. To prevent this, it is recommended that you alter your Xfinity WiFi password on a regular basis.