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How to Connect Jiofi to PC

Do you want to connect a JioFi device to your PC? This guide will show you how to do that both with and without a USB cable.

A JioFi is a device that lets you use 4G LTE technology to connect to the internet. You can use it to connect your computer, phone, or other devices to the internet.

You can connect your JioFi to a PC in three different ways:

  • Use a USB cable.
  • Use JioFi’s Wi-Fi to connect wirelessly.
  • Use a Wi-Fi USB adapter to connect to JioFi.

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How to connect a JioFi device to a PC through WiFi

Follow the steps below to connect your JioFi device to your PC wirelessly:

  • First, make sure your JioFi device is turned on and the battery is charged.
  • Second, use the Window menu to open your PC’s WiFi settings and look for a network called “JioFi.”
  • Connect to the network once you’ve found it and type in the password (which can be found on the back of your JioFi device).
  • Enter the username and password (which you can find in the JioFi device’s manual) and click “Login.”
  • Click the “Connect” button next to your PC, and you should be connected!

All done! You should now be able to use your JioFi device to surf the web on your PC.

How to connect JioFi to a PC through USB Tethering?

Most desktop computers don’t have a wireless option, so connecting the Jiofi via USB is very helpful when using the internet on a computer.

Even though every PC needs to have more than one USB port, it’s easy to connect your device to a computer so you can use the internet.

The most important thing to remember is that when you connect your device to a PC, you can also use its WIFI feature. For example, if your phone, tablet, or laptop is connected to the computer, it will show you the option of a WiFi connection.

So, this is a great way to connect multiple devices, such as computers, at the same time.

Also, when you connect your device to your computer via USB, it will charge, so you can also fill up the battery.

By doing the steps below, you can connect your desktop computer to the internet using your Jiofi as a portable Wi-Fi router.

Here’s how to use USB tethering to connect your JioFi device to a PC:

  • Plug the JioFi device into one end of the USB cable and the computer into the other end.
  • Press and hold the power button on your JioFi device for two seconds to turn it on.
  • When the device is turned on correctly, the power LED will light up and stay solid green.
  • As soon as you turn on your JioFi, it will automatically connect to the internet and you can start using it right away. In the bottom right corner of the window taskbar, you will see a USB-connected internet connection. This means that you are not connected correctly.

Also, if you want to see how the device is set up, just type the IP address http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm into the browser bar. Here is where you can find the other Wi-Fi clients.

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Use a Wi-Fi USB adapter to connect your JioFi device.

If you want to connect to a device that doesn’t have Wi-Fi and doesn’t have a USB port, the Wi-Fi USB adapter is the easiest way to do it. This method can be used on anything with a USB port.

Here’s how to use a Wi-Fi USB adapter to connect your JioFi device to a PC:

  • First, you need to get a cheap Wi-Fi USB adapter from a store in person or online.
  • Once you have the adapter, you need to set it up by installing the device drivers on your PC.
  • Press the power button on your JioFi hotspot device to turn it on.
  • When your device is ready, you can find the name of your Jio device on your PC under “Connections.” To connect the device to the internet, just click on it and enter the wifi password.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having trouble connecting Jiofi to your PC, here are a few tips that might help.

  • Try again after restarting your Jiofi device.
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged and in the right place.
  • Check to see if the SIM card is in the right way.
  • Make sure you are in a place where the network works well.
  • Your Jiofi device’s firmware should be up to date.
  • Try a different USB cable to connect.


Q. How do I link my PC to my Jio Wi-Fi router?

Ans. You will need a USB cable to connect your Jio Wi-Fi router to your PC. Just use the USB cable that comes with the router to connect it to your computer, and you should be good to go.

Q. Why doesn’t JioFi work with the PC?

Ans. There are several reasons why your JioFi device might not be able to connect to your PC. Make sure the router is on and that you are using the right USB cable. If you’re still having trouble, try turning off both your JioFi device and your computer and turning them back on again.

Q. Can the dongle be linked to a desktop computer?

Ans. Yes, you can hook up the dongle to the desktop. But you will need to use a USB cable to do that.

Q. Can a LAN cable be connected to JioFi?

Ans. You can’t use a LAN cable to connect to JioFi. The only way to connect to the device is through Wi-Fi.

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