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How To Factory Reset JioFi Settings?

Most JioFi users’ biggest problem is that they forget their username and/or password, so they can’t log in to the JioFI Local HTML page.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to do a hard reset on your JioFi device to get back into the JioFi Admin Panel.

When you do a “factory reset,” you put everything back to the way it was when you bought it, even if you changed the username or password. This gets rid of any changes you made to the router and puts it back to the way it was when it was first made.

Resetting the JioFi wifi router is a very easy thing to do. Once you’ve done it, you’ll be able to use the Admin Panel again, and any bad changes you made to the settings will be rolled back to their original settings.

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How to reset JioFi settings to factory settings?

Resetting your JioFi settings to factory defaults is easy and can be done in about a minute. Follow these steps to reset your JioFi router to factory settings. Make sure you pay close attention to each step!

  1. Take the JioFi device in your hand and take off the back cover from the JioFI router.
  2. Now, locate the hidden RESET button on the back of the router. You will see that next to the RESET label it has a small tunnel with a button at the end.
  3. Now, take a small, sharp object such as a needle or toothpick and press the button for about 15-30 seconds without letting it go.
  4. After 30 seconds or so, let the button go and you will see that all the lights will start to blink and the router will restart itself.
  5. Once it reboots, everything will be reset to factory defaults.
  6. Now, you can set up your JioFi again from the JioFi Local HTML page.

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