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How To Find MAC Address?

A Media Access Control Address, or MAC address, is a unique address used to identify connected devices just like an IP address. Every device on your home network has a unique MAC address. If you know a device’s MAC address, you can let it in or keep it out. From the router’s Admin Panel, you can find out the MAC address of your device and all the other devices that are connected to it.

How Do I Find MAC Address?

Follow these steps to find out your device’s MAC address:


  1. Open the Command Prompt or type “cmd” in the search box and press Enter.
  2. There will be a command window.
  3. Press Enter after typing “ipconfig /all.”
  4. There will be a list of different results, one of which is the physical address. The MAC address of your device is the physical address.


  1. Click on the Apple icon, then System Preferences, then Network.
  2. Choose the connection’s name from the list on the left.
  3. Click the button that says “Advanced.”
  4. The screen will show either the WiFi Address or the Airport Address. This is your macOS device’s MAC Address.


  1. Start the terminal up.
  2. Type ifconfig into the command line.
  3. It will show the MAC Address of your device.


  1. Click Settings, then General, then About.
  2. There will be a Wi-Fi Address shown. This will be your iPhone or iPad’s MAC Address.


  1. Go to “Settings,” “About,” and then “Status.”
  2. It will show a Wi-Fi address or a Wi-Fi MAC address.