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How To Increase Airtel 4G Internet Speed

There is no doubt that the Airtel telecom network’s internet speed is so good. But if you still want to increase the speed of your Airtel 4G Internet in 2022, come with us. Today, we’ll talk about how to increase the speed of your Airtel internet step by step. Increasing the speed of your Airtel Sim’s internet connection can help you use the internet on your phone in many ways.

How to Speed Up Airtel 4G Internet on Android in 2022?

To speed up Airtel 4G internet, go to your phone’s settings, click “wireless settings,” click “APN,” and then click “save settings.” Android users can easily boost the internet speed on their Airtel Sim. To make your Android device’s Airtel 4G internet speed faster, you just have to change your settings.

There are two ways to add more data to your Airtel plan. To speed up your internet connection on an Airtel SIM, you can change your GPRS settings or make a request online.

How to Speed Up Airtel Internet on Android, Mobile, or iPhone

In 2022, you can easily follow these methods to boost the speed of your Airtel 4G connection on your Android or other mobile devices.

  • Go to the settings menu on your Android device.
  • To adjust the Sim card settings, select the relevant menu item.
  • Select the Airtel APN by inserting an Airtel SIM card (Access Point Name)
  • Change your APN to the values we’ve supplied below.
  • Just hit the “Save” button.

Speed Up Your Data Transfers With These Airtel 2022 APN Settings

Only the information requested below should be entered into your Airtel APN settings.

Name Airtel 4G
APN airtelgprs.com
Username Airtel 4G Speed
Server *99#
Authentication TypePAP
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
Bearer LTE

How Do I Boost the 4G Speed of My iPhone’s Airtel Connection?

Normally, an iPhone will adjust its Internet settings mechanically based on the SIM card inserted. Even so, if you’re determined to boost your 4G internet speed on Airtel, consider the following suggestions.

How to Easily Boost Your 4G Speed on Airtel’s Network

  • Access the iPhone’s preferences.
  • Select the overarching
  • Select Cellular Network or Mobile Network from the drop-down menu.
  • Toggle on the mobile data settings
  • Check your cell phone or cellular data
  • To access the APN, please click here.
  • Modify the Airtel SIM APN and then save the modifications.

How can I get my Airtel 4G Internet to work faster?

To speed up your Airtel 4G internet, open your mobile settings app, go to sim settings, edit APN (Access Point Name), and click the save button. You can speed up Airtel 4G net by using the above Airtel APN settings or a different configuration from our site.

Which APN Is Best For Airtel 4G?

Server: Airtellive.com, MCC: 404, MNC: 10, and MNC: 10 are the best Airtel APNs. By using this setting, you can easily increase the speed of your Airtel 4G internet connection.

Customer Service can help Airtel 4G Internet speed up.

Yes, you can speed up Airtel 4G internet by calling the customer service number for Airtel. Just call Airtel’s customer service line at 121 from your phone and tell the representative to change the settings. The Airtel customer service rep will either reset your internet settings or send you the settings so you can set them up yourself.

After you install Airtel internet settings, your Airtel 4G internet speed will go up automatically.

How to Make Airtel 4G Hotspot Internet Speed Faster?

By making the Airtel 4G internet faster, you can easily make its hotspot faster as well. Change your Airtel APN settings to 4G 2022 on your Android or iOS device to speed up your Airtel internet.

How can I speed up my Airtel Internet the most?

Change your Airtel sim APN settings or call customer service to improve the speed of your 4G internet on Airtel. You can easily speed up your Airtel internet or data speed in these two ways.

But most Airtel users would rather call Airtel customer service than change their internet settings. So you can also try it if you want to improve the speed of your Airtel 4G internet.

How do I make my Airtel network faster?

Your Airtel sim’s internet speed can change based on where you are. Most of the time, when you use your Airtel sim in an open space, it works better than when you are in a place where you can’t use it.

So, you can first use Airtel internet on the roof of your house to make it faster. You can also change the internet settings on your Airtel sim card.

Why is the speed of my Airtel 4G so slow?

There are many things that could cause your Airtel 4G speed to be slow. You can easily fix this problem by restarting and changing your Airtel 4g APN settings. To change the APN settings, just open your Android settings and go to the wireless internet settings. Now, fill in the above settings and click “Save” to change the settings for Airtel 4G internet.

Is there a way to fix Airtel 4G’s slow speed?

Yes, you can change your Airtel APN settings to make your 4G internet faster on Airtel. It is the best thing you can do to fix Airtel 4G slow speed and improve Airtel sim data speed.


How Do I Make My Airtel Internet Go Faster?

You can change the Airtel APN settings or call customer service to make the internet faster on Airtel.

How To Speed Up 4G Internet On Airtel 2022 IOS?

Open your phone’s ios settings and set up the APN settings as shown in the table above.

How To Get High-Speed Internet In Airtel Sim Number?

To speed up Airtel’s internet, change your APN settings or call customer service.

How fast can Airtel 4G go at its fastest?

Airtel’s 4G internet can go as fast as 135 Mbps at its fastest. This is the fastest speed you can get with a 4G internet connection on the Airtel network.

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