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How to NETGEAR Genie Setup

What is NETGEAR Genie App?

You may easily modify your network configurations with the push of a button using the NETGEAR genie app/software. You’ll be able to keep tabs on your network’s status, establish connections, and manage parental controls with the help of this fantastic NETGEAR feature. Managing your NETGEAR account has never been more convenient or easy with this intuitive interface. The NETGEAR genie can also be used to troubleshoot network problems, as well as to share and stream media files.

The ability to control your router from a distance is only one of this program’s many impressive capabilities. If you allow remote access, you can use the NETGEAR genie to connect to your network from anywhere, not only at home. With remote genie features, all you need is a tablet or smartphone to troubleshoot your network, grant guests access, check out your network’s layout, and even reset your router.

The NETGEAR website provides a downloadable software called NETGEAR Genie for use on personal computers. This program is mobile-friendly, so feel free to use it on any of your devices! It’s available on both the App Store and the Google Play store. While the NETGEAR genie app may be used to keep tabs on any router, it can only be used to manage and customize NETGEAR devices.

Features of NETGEAR Genie

  • By linking the screen to your mobile device, you can maintain command of your home network even when you’re away from it.
  • Watch videos and listen to music stored in My Media on your network on any available mobile device in real-time.
  • Adding Air Print support to any printer makes it possible to print from a mobile device like an iPad or iPhone.
  • Connect safely from your mobile device or tablet with the help of the QR code-reading EZ mobile connect feature.
  • Smartphones streamline the process of implementing parental controls.
  • The Network Settings can be viewed and modified using the Network App.
  • Internal systems track all Guess Network Access.
  • With the help of the WiFi Analytics Function, you may monitor the WiFi statistics of your network.
  • Troubleshoot the network and see if there are any issues.

The Functions of the NETGEAR Genie Mobile App

  • Our IP addresses and the devices that are connected to our network can be viewed on the network map.
  • Traffic Counter – The traffic counter allows you to monitor your data consumption.
  • Play any of your media files over the internet with MyMedia®.
  • You can now quickly and easily join the network just by scanning a QR code with the brand-new EZ Mobile Connect feature.
  • Access Controls for Families – to restrict use by minors.

What are the steps for NETGEAR Genie Download?

  • Go to https://www.netgear.com/support/product/Genie.aspx in your browser.
  • Then click on Downloads to get to the NETGEAR Genie Firmware and Software Download section.
  • Then choose the version you want to read.
  • There will be a button to click to get the Genie software. When you click on it, your download will begin.

What are the steps for NETGEAR Genie Smart Setup?

  • Connect the WiFi extender to a WiFi network that is already in use.
  • Take a computer or laptop that’s already connected to the network.
  • Any web browser can be opened.
  • Type in the username and password that mywifiext.net gives you by default.
  • The page for setting up Genie will show up. Visit to set up your NETGEAR router.
  • If you need to, you can change the technical parameters.