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How Many Days Jio SIM Validity Without Recharge

Do you have a Jio SIM card that you don’t use? If so, you should know how long your Jio SIM will work without being recharged, because your SIM could be blocked for life. So, you should have to recharge at least a certain amount to keep your SIM card working.

When Jio first started up in India, users could use their Jio SIM cards for as long as they wanted. The expiration date on the SIM card is 2037 days. But Jio has changed its policy and now only lets you use it for up to 28 days.

You will need a Jio SIM card to use the JioFi M2S or any other JioFi device. The JioFi M2S is designed to work exclusively with Jio SIM cards, which are available from Reliance Jio Infocomm, a telecommunications company based in India. When you purchase a JioFi M2S, it will come with a Jio SIM card already installed.

Jio SIM Validity Without Recharge to Keep Active Number

The jio network wants all of its customers to use its services. So, the company puts a limit on the number of times a SIM card can be recharged each month to make it last longer.

Recharges are no longer good for life, and you should have to recharge every month if you want to make outgoing calls or even get incoming calls.

You should have to keep at least the minimum balance on your SIM card for it to work. This limit applies to all operators, including Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, and BSNL, as well as jio.

How to Keep Active Jio SIM Number?

As it is now required to recharge your Jio SIM card, you must recharge your account every month to avoid being cut off from the network. You should have to recharge your phone at least Rs. 99 per month to get free outgoing calls for 28 days and a free talk time balance between Rs. 79 and Rs. 99.

You have to do the minimum recharge again after a month, and if you don’t do it within 7 days, your SIM services will stop working. In a similar way, after 7 days, you have 60 days to add money to your account or the SIM card will be turned off.

So, every jio SIM user needs to keep topping up their account so that their service doesn’t stop or their SIM isn’t turned off permanently.

Note: Basic minimum recharge plans do not include the SMS service. You can’t make calls that leave SM. You should have at least 155 per month to call and send text messages.

What if your balance is good enough?

If you keep using your SIM card and always have a good amount of money on it, like Rs. 1000, but don’t make any calls for a long time, Jio will take at least Rs.99 out of your account every month.

So, if you aren’t using your SIM, you shouldn’t have too much load on it. But if you want to keep your SIM active even if you don’t use it, you can load it with any amount based on how many months you want it to stay active.

How to keep Jio SIM active abroad

To keep active Jio SIM while you are abroad you should make at least one call or SMS in a month.

Also, keep maintaining the minimum balance of Rs. 20. If you didn’t make any calls in the last 90 days then there is a high chance that you will be blocked from the network.

Even if you don’t recharge your third Jio SIM card for more than six months, you may still get calls. But you should make sure that the country you’re going to is on Jio’s list of supported countries.

To be safe, you activate the cheapest IR package once every three months to “recharge” your account. When you get back to your home country, you have to add money to your account.

How to keep a Vodafone SIM card working without charging it

Vodafone users have a few ways to extend the life of their SIM cards without having to recharge them every month. Let’s look at all the ways we could do it.

Extending the validity through the customer executive

Send a PORT message to the customer executive and ask for an extension of the validity.

When you send a message to the port, the service provider will call you. You can ask them to make your sim card last longer. This will give you a few extra days of use without having to add money to your account.

Make sure to send SMS before your current plan ends, because after that, you won’t be able to send any more.

Jio Port Out to Get a Longer Term

If you are a new customer, you don’t have to pay the minimum each month. Because of this, you can connect to any network.

So, you will have a validity of 6–12 months, which means you won’t have to recharge for a year. You can also buy other plans that last longer and let you recharge them.

BSNL users can also add a validity pack to their SIM to make it last longer. For example, the Rs. 397 plan gives you 200 days of validity, 2GB per day, and unlimited calls for 60 days.

Activate Validity Extension Pack

For just 99 INR, you can get an extension pack that gives you 28 days of use with the basic plan. You can keep using the same plan to make it last longer.

You can also use plans with longer terms, like a 6-month package or a 12-month plan. These plans are cheap and give you more time to use your phone. They also give you free data, SMS, and call minutes.

Jio recharge validity for 1 year

Jio has a prepaid plan that lets you recharge your phone for a year. For Rs. 2,879, you can sign up for the Reliance Jio plan, which is good for a year. The plan also has a lot of great benefits.

You’ll get 2GB of data every day, which adds up to 730GB over the course of a year. If we figure it out per month, you’ll get 60GB per month. You will also be able to make as many voices calls as you want and can send up to 100 text messages per day.


Hope you’ll find this post helpful and be able to use it to make your SIM card last longer. If you have a problem or question, please leave a comment.

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