Jio TV APK Download For Android (V 7.0.7) Free

The latest version of Jio TV APK for Android is now on the Play Store. Keep up to date with the new version to get the latest features, channels, etc. As Jio always does, the most recent update added some more channels to the list. Of course, you’ll have more fun. Check to see if your favorite channels have been added or changed on the app since you last used them.

With the Jio high-speed network and the Jio TV 7.0.7 app, you can watch live TV channels that stream to your phone.

AppJio Tv APK
APK File Size17 MB
Last Updated03 April 2022

Features and Specifications of Jio TV Apk

  • Picture in Picture (PiP) featured You can watch TV channels on Jio tv even when you are using other apps.
  • You can find your favorite channels by category and language using a drop-down menu.
  • There are options to play and pause.
  • watch the episodes of your favorite shows that you missed in the next week.
  • almost all Indian channels are available.
  • Put a heart next to your favorite channels to watch them often.
  • JioTv has premium channels like Hotstar
  • There are many international channels to choose from.
  • Jio TV can be used on a 2G or 3G phone when it is connected to a JioFi WiFi Router.

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Q. How many types of channels are there?

Ans. Some of the categories of channels are sports, music, movies, News, Business, Kids, spirituality, entertainment, and so on.

Q. How do I use Jio TV to watch TV channels?

Ans. Just have a smartphone, Jio SIM, and a valid Jio Data plan. When you use Jio SIM, the app will automatically sign you in. Open the app, choose the channels you want to watch, and start live streaming Jio TV.

Q. What kinds of channels are there?

Ans. Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese, Kannada, Sanskrit, and English channels are available.

Q. How can I get rid of channels?

Ans. There are two tabs to choose from. One to choose languages and the other to choose categories. Just pick a channel from the drop-down menu to get rid of it. For example, to see a list of all the Tamil news channels, choose “Tamil” in one drop-down menu and “News” in another. simple !!. You can now download Jio TV for free if you have a Jio SIM card.

Q. Can the Jio TV APP be installed on a computer?

Ans. Yes, you can use the APK file on your computer by installing software called an “Android emulator.” Get any good Android emulator software, install it, and then put the JioTV app on it. Then, using the Jio user ID and password, sign in to the JioTV app. Then you can watch your favorite channels for free on the small screen. Here is a full guide on how to install Jio TV on a PC.

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