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The Pros And Cons Of TP-Link Archer C24 A Comprehensive Review Of This Wi-Fi Router

The TP-Link Archer C24 is a contemporary Wi-Fi router that offers an array of features and benefits. With the potential to drastically improve internet connection speed, this device provides users with a reliable and secure platform for online activity. This article will provide a comprehensive review of the TP-Link Archer C24, exploring its advantages and disadvantages in detail.

The TP-Link Archer C24 is a dual band router capable of transmitting data over both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. It also boasts a number of features designed to optimize the user experience, including parental control settings, Smart Connect technology and Guest Network access. This article will evaluate each of these features in turn, assessing their utility and effectiveness.

Finally, this article will consider the overall value offered by the TP-Link Archer C24 router in comparison to other models on the market. Through this detailed analysis, readers can gain insight into how this device stacks up against competitors and make an informed decision regarding its suitability for their needs.


The TP-Link Archer C24 is a wireless router designed for home and small business use. It features dual-band concurrent wireless access with speeds of up to 2400 Mbps on the 5 GHz band and up to 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. It provides secure, reliable internet access for multiple users, making it ideal for households with multiple devices.

Additionally, it includes four Gigabit Ethernet ports, allowing it to be used as a network switch as well. This review examines the pros and cons of this device to provide an unbiased assessment of its capabilities and overall value.

In terms of performance, the Archer C24 offers excellent range and stability when compared to other routers in its price range. Its dual-band capability allows it to handle more devices across multiple frequency bands without sacrificing speed or reliability. Furthermore, its four Gigabit Ethernet ports provide faster speeds than traditional wired connections while still providing enough flexibility to accommodate multiple users or devices.

The Archer C24 also includes several advanced security features such as parental control options, guest networking, WPA2 encryption, and a built-in firewall. These features help ensure that your data remains secure while providing additional control over who can access your network.

Additionally, the router has an easy-to-use web interface that makes setting up and managing your network straightforward and intuitive. Overall, the TP-Link Archer C24 is a solid choice for those looking for reliable Wi-Fi performance at an affordable price point.

Design And Features

Moving onto the design and features of the TP-Link Archer C24, this Wi-Fi router is a unique product that has both advantages and disadvantages. It has a sleek black exterior with three non-detachable antennas and four gigabit Ethernet ports. The router also includes an intuitive web interface that makes it easy to set up, manage, and monitor the network. Here is a list of some notable features:

  • A combined wireless network speed of up to 1750 Mbps
  • Beamforming technology for improved signal strength
  • Parental Controls for restricting access to certain websites
  • Ability to prioritize traffic for specific devices

The Archer C24 also offers advanced security measures such as WPA/WPA2 encryption and automatic firmware updates. It is also compatible with Alexa voice commands which allows users to control their home networks using voice commands. All these features make the router suitable for both home and small business use.

Despite its many benefits, there are some drawbacks as well. The router’s range is limited compared to other models on the market and its 2×2 MIMO configuration limits its maximum speed to 1750 Mbps, making it unsuitable for large homes or businesses where more powerful routers might be needed. Additionally, users may experience occasional lag when navigating through the web interface due to its limited processing power.

Performance Analysis

The TP-Link Archer C24 is a midrange wireless router that promises to offer up to AC1300 speeds. To test its performance, we conducted tests in three categories: speed, range, and stability.

Speed TestRange TestStability Test

The speed test revealed that the Archer C24 exhibited excellent download speeds and average upload speeds for a device of its class. The range test showed that the router was able to cover an area of roughly 2000 sqft with very little signal loss. Finally, the stability test revealed that the connection held up without any interruptions or hiccups throughout our testing period.

Overall, the TP-Link Archer C24 offers good performance at an affordable price point. It is a great choice for those who are looking for a reliable wireless router on a budget.

Security And Privacy Protection

The TP-Link Archer C24 Router is equipped with various security and privacy protection features. It has a built-in firewall that can be used to block malicious incoming traffic, as well as a WPA2 encryption protocol to protect data transmission over Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, the router provides support for VPNs, allowing users to securely access their home network from any location.

TheTP-Link Archer C24 also includes parental control options, allowing parents to set time limits on Internet usage and restrict access to certain websites. Furthermore, it has an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that helps detect and prevent malicious activity on the network. This feature alerts users of any suspicious activity that may be occurring on their network in real-time.

Overall, the TP-Link Archer C24 offers excellent security and privacy protection features for its users. Its built-in firewall and WPA2 encryption ensure secure data transmission over Wi-Fi networks while its parental control settings allow parents to manage their children’s online activities. Furthermore, its IDS feature provides additional protection by alerting users of any potential threats on their network in real time.

Ease Of Setup

When it comes to setup of the TP-Link Archer C24, the process is fairly straightforward. This Wi-Fi router allows for a plug-and-play setup that is quick and easy to complete. With the help of its intuitive web interface, users can quickly configure their router settings and connect their devices with ease. Additionally, this router includes a unique feature known as ‘TP-Link Tether’ which allows users to control their network through an app on their phone or tablet.

The main benefit of setting up the TP-Link Archer C24 is that it requires no complex network configuration or additional hardware components. Also, its intuitive interface makes it easy for even novice users to get started without much difficulty. The router also features advanced options such as guest networks and parental control settings which can be easily configured within the web interface.

On the downside, some users may find that they need more than just a quick plug-and-play setup in order to properly configure all of the available settings on this router. Advanced users may find that they require more knowledge about networking in order to make full use of all of its features and functions. Additionally, some users may find that they experience difficulty connecting certain devices due to compatibility issues with older wireless protocols supported by this router.

Compatibility With Other Devices

The TP-Link Archer C24 is compatible with a wide range of devices, allowing users to easily connect their computers, phones, tablets, and other wireless-enabled devices to the router. It supports the latest 802.11ac wireless technology, which provides significantly increased speed and coverage for faster and more reliable connections than previous generations of Wi-Fi routers.

The router also has four gigabit Ethernet ports providing high-speed wired internet access for gaming consoles or other devices that require a wired connection. Additionally, it is backwards compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n networks.

The Archer C24 comes with several advanced security features to protect your network from malicious attacks and unauthorized access. It uses WPA2 encryption for secure password protection and allows users to set up a guest network for visitors or temporary employees who need access to the internet without compromising the security of their own personal networks.

The router also includes parental controls to block inappropriate content and restrict internet access times for children or other family members.

Overall, the TP-Link Archer C24 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable router with plenty of features at an affordable price. Its compatibility with a variety of devices makes it perfect for home or small office use, while its security features make it ideal for protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Pricing And Availability

The TP-Link Archer C24 is available for purchase on most major online retail stores, such as Amazon and eBay. Prices vary between $60 and $90 depending on the retailer. The following are some of the benefits of this router:

• Fast speeds: Up to 1.3 Gbps on the 5GHz band and 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band
• Easy to set up: Comes with a simple setup wizard that takes no more than 5 minutes
• Affordable price: Competes favorably with other routers in its price range
• Quality design: Sleek design with four external antennas for reliable coverage
• Versatility: Supports both 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi standards and backward compatibility with older devices.

The TP-Link Archer C24 is an excellent option for budget users who need reliable Wi-Fi without sacrificing performance or features. It offers fast speeds, easy setup, quality design, and a reasonable price tag, making it a great choice for those looking to upgrade their home network.

Pros And Cons Summary

The TP-Link Archer C24 is a powerful Wi-Fi router with impressive coverage and speeds. It provides a secure connection to the internet for multiple devices at once, making it ideal for households that have multiple users. However, as with any technology, there are both pros and cons associated with using this router. The following table summarizes the most important aspects of the TP-Link Archer C24:

Impressive range and speedsExpensive compared to other routers in its class
Multiple device supportNot compatible with old devices or software
Easy setup and installation processLimited parental controls available

In terms of performance, the TP-Link Archer C24 offers some of the best range and speeds on the market. Its dual band connection ensures that all users can get reliable access to their internet even when they are far away from the router itself. It also supports multiple devices simultaneously, eliminating any lag or buffering issues. Additionally, setup and installation are quick and easy, allowing users to get connected quickly without having to go through complicated processes.

On the other hand, one of the main drawbacks of this router is its cost. It is more expensive than many other routers in its class, meaning that it may not be an affordable option for budget shoppers or those who are looking for an entry level solution.

Additionally, it is not compatible with older devices or software which can be a downside if you have legacy hardware or software you need to use. Finally, while it does offer some parental control features, there are limited options available compared to what you will find with higher end models.

Overall, while the TP-Link Archer C24 has some impressive features such as its fast speeds and good range coverage, there are also some drawbacks that should be taken into consideration before making a purchase decision. As always it is important to research all your options before making a final choice in order to ensure you are getting the best possible value for your money.


Moving on from the pros and cons of the TP-Link Archer C24, this section will explore alternative Wi-Fi routers that offer similar features.

The first alternative is the Netgear Nighthawk AC2300. This router supports a maximum speed of up to 2.3Gbps, providing a strong connection for streaming and gaming.

It is also equipped with four Ethernet ports and two USB ports which allow users to connect to other devices in their home network, such as printers and external hard drives. Additionally, this router is MU-MIMO enabled, allowing for simultaneous streaming of multiple devices at once without interruption or buffering.

The second alternative is the Asus RT-AC68U Dual Band Router which offers support for dual band connections and speeds up to 1900 Mbps on both bands. This router also features four LAN ports and one WAN port that can be used to connect multiple devices within a home network.

Furthermore, it includes an intuitive user interface that makes setting up the router straightforward and easy, perfect for those who are less tech savvy. Additionally, this router offers comprehensive security features including parental controls, access restrictions and encrypted connections that protect users’ data against cyber threats.

These alternatives provide comparable speed capabilities as well as additional features not found on the TP-Link Archer C24. They are suitable options for users looking to upgrade their Wi-Fi routers while gaining access to faster speeds and more secure connections.

  • Netgear Nighthawk AC2300:
  • Maximum Speed: 2.3Gbps
  • Four Ethernet Ports & two USB Ports
  • MU-MIMO enabled
  • Asus RT-AC68U Dual Band Router:
  • Maximum Speed: 1900Mbps
  • Four LAN Ports & one WAN Port
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Comprehensive Security Features

Both routers are capable of providing fast speeds for streaming and gaming as well as enhanced security features that protect users’ data from cyber threats.

Final Thoughts

The TP-Link Archer C24 Wi-Fi router is a great choice for those looking for an affordable and reliable home networking solution. It offers fast speeds, wide coverage, and numerous features that make it easy to set up and manage.

Affordable pricingLimited range
Fast speedsNo beamforming technology
Easy setup & managementNo MU-MIMO technology

Overall, the TP-Link Archer C24 is an excellent option for those who are looking for a reliable home network solution at an affordable price. Its fast speeds, wide coverage area, and user-friendly features make it suitable for both casual users as well as more advanced ones. While there are some downsides in terms of its range and lack of certain features such as MU-MIMO and beamforming technologies, overall the Archer C24 provides an excellent wireless networking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does The Tp-Link Archer C24 Cost?

The TP-Link Archer C24 is a Wi-Fi router that is available at a range of price points, making it an attractive option for many consumers. This article will explore the cost of the TP-Link Archer C24, as well as other factors that may influence the decision to purchase this router.

When considering the cost of the TP-Link Archer C24, it is important to note that there are different models available. The most basic model is priced at around $59.99 USD, and the more advanced models are priced higher.

Additionally, some retailers may offer discounts on certain models, so it pays to do some research before committing to a purchase. Consumers should also factor in additional costs such as installation and setup fees which may be associated with certain retailers or providers.

In addition to cost considerations, there are other factors that can play into choosing a Wi-Fi router. Factors such as speed and range should be taken into account when selecting a router. The TP-Link Archer C24 offers dual-band connectivity with speeds up to 1200 Mbps and coverage up to 25 feet away from the router’s location.

Additionally, this router supports MU-MIMO technology which allows multiple devices to connect simultaneously without sacrificing speed or reliability. Finally, users can control their network settings via the Tether app which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

In assessing all these factors related to purchasing the TP-Link Archer C24 Wi-Fi Router, customers must weigh their own needs with respect to cost and performance before making a final decision on which model will best suit their needs. It is important for customers to take into consideration all aspects of the purchase process before committing to a specific model.

Does The Tp-Link Archer C24 Support 5g Wi-Fi Networks?

The TP-Link Archer C24 is a wireless router marketed by TP-Link. It has been available since 2017, and is one of the more popular Wi-Fi routers in its price range. One of the key questions potential buyers may have is whether or not it supports 5G networks.

In order to answer this question, it is important to understand what 5G networks are. 5G networks are fifth generation cellular networks that are designed to provide faster speeds and better coverage than existing 4G LTE networks. While not all areas have access to 5G, many major metropolitan areas do, and more areas are expected to gain access in the coming years.

The TP-Link Archer C24 does not support 5G Wi-Fi Networks, as it only operates on 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, which are the same frequencies used by current 4G LTE networks.

Consequently, buyers interested in taking advantage of the speed benefits associated with 5G networks should look for a router that supports those frequencies. However, for those who live outside of an area with 5G network access or who do not need the extra speed benefits associated with 5G, the TP-Link Archer C24 still provides good value for its cost and features.

What Is The Range Of The Tp-Link Archer C24?

The TP-Link Archer C24 is a wireless router designed for high-speed internet access. The range of this router is its most important feature, as it allows users to access their network from greater distances than other routers. To determine the range of the TP-Link Archer C24, it is important to consider factors such as the material of the walls and ceilings in which it is placed, as well as the frequency bands used by the router.

In terms of range, the TP-Link Archer C24 supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. The 2.4GHz frequency band has a maximum theoretical speed of up to 300 Mbps while the 5GHz frequency band can reach speeds up to 867 Mbps.

However, due to environmental factors, performance may vary depending on where the router is placed. For example, if there are many walls or ceilings between where users are located and where the router is located, then signal strength will be weakened and thus reduce its range significantly.

Overall, when looking at its range capabilities, the TP-Link Archer C24 provides decent coverage for most households and small businesses with only a few obstacles between them and their network connection. However, those who require greater distances should consider investing in more powerful routers that have better range capabilities or consider alternative solutions such as mesh networks or Wi-Fi extenders for stronger signals over long distances.

Does The Tp-Link Archer C24 Support Multiple Users?

The TP-Link Archer C24 is a Wi-Fi router that boasts impressive speed and range. A key feature of this router is its ability to support multiple users. This article seeks to explore the implications of this multi-user capacity for users.

Firstly, the multi-user capacity of the TP-Link Archer C24 allows for simultaneous access to the internet, making it ideal for large households or offices where multiple people need access at once.

Additionally, this router supports up to 4K resolution streaming, allowing several users to watch high definition videos without compromising quality. The router also offers Beamforming technology which can direct data traffic more efficiently by concentrating signals on individual devices rather than broadcasting throughout an area.

On the other hand, there are some potential downsides to consider when it comes to multiple user support with this router. For instance, while you may be able to connect more devices simultaneously with this router compared to routers with fewer antennas, there could be a reduction in speed due to congestion when too many users are connected at once.

Furthermore, even with Beamforming technology in place, using multiple devices may still lead to dropped connections and slower speeds due to interference from surrounding networks or objects such as walls or furniture blocking Wi-Fi signals.

In summary:

  • The TP-Link Archer C24 offers multi-user support with up to 4K resolution streaming and Beamforming technology
  • This makes it suitable for larger households or offices needing simultaneous access
  • However, congestion can occur if too many users are connected simultaneously and this can lead to slower speeds or dropped connections due to interference

What Is The Maximum Speed Supported By The Tp-Link Archer C24?

The TP-Link Archer C24 is a Wi-Fi router that has been available for some time now. It is designed to provide users with a reliable and secure connection to their internet service provider. One of the key features of the router is its maximum speed support. This article will discuss what this maximum speed is and how it relates to other routers on the market.

The TP-Link Archer C24 has a maximum speed of up to 867Mbps when using the 5GHz band. This means that it can provide users with fast connections, allowing them to stream movies or play online games without interruption. Additionally, the router also offers dual band support which allows users to switch between networks when needed. The 2.4 GHz band offers speeds up to 300 Mbps, making it suitable for basic web browsing and email tasks.

When compared with other routers on the market, the TP-Link Archer C24 has one of the highest maximum speeds available. This makes it an ideal choice for those who need faster connections than what their current router provides or who are looking for a more reliable network connection overall.

Additionally, its dual band support allows users to make use of different frequencies depending on their activity levels, helping them get optimal speeds from their network connection at all times.

Overall, the TP-Link Archer C24 offers users a reliable and secure connection with excellent maximum speed support that can accommodate multiple users at once. Its dual band support further adds value by allowing users to switch between networks as needed without compromising performance or reliability. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for those looking for an efficient and powerful Wi-Fi router solution that can keep up with their needs.


The TP-Link Archer C24 is an affordable Wi-Fi router that offers good performance and reliability. It supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, has a wide range, can handle multiple users simultaneously, and supports speeds up to 1750 Mbps. Although it does not have the most advanced features available, it is still capable of meeting most users’ needs.

Overall, the TP-Link Archer C24 is a great option for those who are looking for an affordable and reliable Wi-Fi router. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive routers, its performance and range make it a great choice for many households. Additionally, its support for multiple users makes it ideal for larger homes or offices with multiple devices connected at once.

In conclusion, the TP-Link Archer C24 provides good performance at a budget price point. It supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, has a wide range of coverage, can handle multiple users simultaneously, and supports speeds up to 1750 Mbps. All in all, the TP-Link Archer C24 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable yet reliable Wi-Fi router that meets their needs without breaking the bank.