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Top 5 Jio Plans that Offer More 4G Data and Validity

Since Reliance Jio had to make the hard choice to charge its customers for calls to non-Jio numbers, the company has come up with a number of plans to make up for it. We recently saw the company give its users all-in-one prepaid plans that include free voice calling minutes from Jio to other networks. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 Jio plans that offer more than 4G data and validity out of the new plans that the company has put out recently. If you use Jio and aren’t sure which plan to choose, you’ve come to the right place.

Note: In case you didn’t know, TRAI has recently taken steps to reverse an IUC regulation that was already in place. This has forced Jio to charge an IUC of 6 paisas per minute for all mobile voice calls to other operators. Users must add at least Rs 10 to their Jio number in order to call other networks. Every time you recharge your phone for Rs 10, you’ll get a voucher for 1 GB of 4G data added to your account.

You will need a Jio SIM card to use the JioFi M2S or any other JioFi device. The JioFi M2S is made to only work with Jio SIM cards, which can be bought from Reliance Jio Infocomm, an Indian company that makes and sells SIM cards. When you purchase a JioFi M2S, it will come with a Jio SIM card already installed.

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Top 5 Jio Plans that Offer More 4G Data and Validity Benefits

  • Rs 399 Prepaid Recharge Plan
  • Rs 444 All-in-one Recharge Plan
  • Rs 299 Prepaid Recharge Plan
  • Rs 1699 Annual Prepaid Recharge Plan
  • Rs 498 Prepaid Recharge Plan

Note that all the premium Jio services including Jio Cinema and Jio TV are included in all of these plans and you can make use of them for no additional costs.

1. Rs 399 Plan

The Rs 399 prepaid recharge plan comes with 126GB of free data, which is split into 1.5GB per day. After that, people will still be able to use the internet for free at 64 Kbps. Users can send 100 SMS messages per day and call other Jio users for free. If you want to call a number that isn’t Jio, you can buy an IUC TOP-UP voucher for as little as Rs 10. Jio is giving away 1GB of free data for every Rs 10 spent, which is a good way to make up for this extra charge. The Rs 399 plan is only good for 84 days.

2. Rs 444 All-in-one Plan

The Rs 444 plan is one of the best of the new All-in-one recharge plans that the company just came out with. The INR 444 all-in-one prepaid plan includes 1,000 non-Jio minutes, 168GB of data, unlimited Jio-to-Jio calls, and 100 SMS per day for 84 days. If you choose this plan and do your recharge through PayTM, things get even better because you get a flat discount of Rs 44. Interested in how to get that? You can read about the same thing on our site.

3. Rs 299 Plan

The Jio R2 299 prepaid recharge plan gives you 84GB of data for 28 days, which is 3GB of data every day. The Rs 299 plan is great if you want a lot of data and don’t care about how long it lasts. In addition to the internet, customers can send up to 100 SMS messages per day and make as many Jio-to-Jio calls as they want for free.

4. Rs 1699 Annual Plan

Though the Rs 1699 prepaid recharge plan appears to be pricey, it is actually rather cost-effective in the long run. The Rs 1699 plan guarantees that you will not have to recharge your phone for the following 365 days.

The Rs 1699 plan includes a 1-year validity period, 1.5GB of free data every day, and a total of 547.5GB of data. Furthermore, you can send 100 SMS every day for the full year.

5. Rs 498 Plan

The Rs 498 prepaid recharge plan has 91 days of validity and includes 2GB of free data every day, for a total of 182GB with this plan. You also receive 100 SMS every day. Non-Jio calls may be made using IUC TOP-UP coupons, which start at Rs 10.

Top 5 Jio 4G Data Plans List

Name of the Jio Recharge PlanBenefits of the Plan
Rs 399 Plan1.5GB 4G data per day, 100 SMS/day, unlimited free Jio-to-Jio voice calling. Validity: 84 days
Rs 444 All-in-one Plan168GB free 4G data, 100 SMS/day, unlimited free Jio-to-Jio voice calling, 1,000 non-Jio minutes. Validity: 84 days
Rs 299 Plan3GB of 4G data per day, 100 SMS/day, unlimited free Jio-to-Jio voice calling. Validity: 28 days
Rs 1699 Annual Plan1.5GB of 4G data per day (547.5GB total data), 100 SMS/day, unlimited free Jio-to-Jio voice calling. Validity: 365 days
Rs 498 Plan2GB of 4G data per day, 100 SMS/day, unlimited free Jio-to-Jio voice calling. Validity: 91 days