TP-Link Archer C4000 Review: A Deep Dive Into This Powerful Wi-Fi Router

TP-Link Archer C4000 is a powerful router that provides users with the latest in Wi-Fi technology. It is capable of delivering high speeds, wide coverage and reliable connection to multiple devices.

This review aims to provide an in-depth look at the features and performance of the TP-Link Archer C4000 router. It will examine its setup process, design, connectivity options, throughput performance and more to determine whether this router is worth considering for home or office use.

The TP-Link Archer C4000 is a tri-band router that supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. It has four antennas for improved signal quality and range, as well as four Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired connections. Additionally, this router also includes advanced features such as Quality of Service (QoS), beamforming technology, guest network support and parental control options.

Overall, the TP-Link Archer C4000 has all the features necessary to be a top choice for home networking needs. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at its design, setup process, performance and more to help readers decide if it’s worth considering for their own network needs.


The TP-Link Archer C4000 is a powerful Wi-Fi router which provides users with networking speeds up to 3200 Mbps. It includes four external antennas, which are adjustable, and supports the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. The Archer C4000 also has MU-MIMO technology, allowing it to support multiple devices at once. Additionally, the router features dual USB ports and four gigabit Ethernet ports for connecting wired devices.

The Archer C4000 offers advanced security measures such as WPA2 encryption and a built-in firewall to keep users safe from malicious attacks. It also supports various advanced network options like Quality of Service (QOS), Guest Networking and Parental Controls, allowing users to customize their experience easily. Furthermore, the router comes with TP-Link Tether App that allows users to monitor their network from anywhere in the world via their smartphone or tablet.

Overall, the TP-Link Archer C4000 is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and powerful Wi-Fi router with plenty of features and great performance. With its adjustable antennas, dual USB ports, four gigabit Ethernet ports, advanced security measures and comprehensive network options, it can provide fast connections for multiple devices simultaneously.

Features And Specifications

Moving on from the overview of the TP-Link Archer C4000 router, this section will discuss its features and specifications. This powerful Wi-Fi router offers a number of features that make it stand out from its competitors. These include:

  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi: With two separate bands for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency, users can enjoy faster wireless connections with less interference.
  • MU-MIMO Technology: Allows for simultaneous streaming and gaming experience with more efficient data transmission.
  • 4 Gigabit LAN Ports: Easily connect multiple wired devices to the router at once to maximize performance.
  • 4 External Antennas: These antennas are designed to offer wide coverage, allowing users to stay connected even in large spaces.
  • Smart Connect Technology: Automatically connects devices to the most optimal band, ensuring that they receive a strong signal no matter where they are located in the home.

In addition to these features, the Archer C4000 is equipped with an impressive set of specifications as well. This includes a 1.8GHz 64bit dual core processor and a 512MB DDR3 memory size that ensures fast data processing and lag-free performance when streaming or gaming online.

It also has four gigabit LAN ports which allow for more connections with faster speeds than traditional Ethernet cables, as well as two USB 3.0 ports which provide quick access for sharing files or media across multiple devices quickly and easily. Finally, it supports 802.11ac Wave 2 technology which allows for speeds up to 1750Mbps – enough bandwidth to support virtually any task one can throw at it without issue or slowdown in performance.

Overall, TP-Link’s Archer C4000 is an incredibly powerful Wi-Fi router that offers an impressive set of features and specifications that make it ideal for those looking for a reliable, high-performance connection in their home or office network environment.

Design And Networking Capabilities

The TP-Link Archer C4000 is a powerful Wi-Fi router that offers both reliable performance and attractive design. It features four gigabit LAN ports, two USB 3.0 ports, one 2.4GHz wireless band, and one 5GHz wireless band. It also includes Beamforming technology, which focuses the available signal on connected devices for a stronger connection.

The Archer C4000 boasts an impressive range of up to 5,000 square feet with a maximum speed of 800Mbps at 2.4GHz and 1,733 Mbps at 5GHz. This makes it suitable for larger homes or offices that require a strong internet connection over a wide area. In addition to its impressive range, the router is capable of handling multiple simultaneous connections without sacrificing performance or stability.

This router’s design features a sleek black housing with three detachable antennas that help ensure optimal coverage throughout the home or office. The device is also easy to set up via the TP-Link Tether app which allows users to quickly configure their network settings without needing any additional hardware or software tools. Overall, this router provides excellent performance and reliability along with an attractive design that would fit in well with any home or office setting.

Setup Procedures And Ease Of Use

The TP-Link Archer C4000 is marketed as an easy to use router with a simple setup procedure. To test this claim, the setup process was examined. The first step was to insert the power cord into the back of the router and plug it into an outlet. Once powered up, the user can open up a web browser and type in an IP address provided by TP-Link. This will open up a web page that will allow them to log in with their credentials and start setting up the router.

The user interface on the web page is intuitive and straightforward. It includes detailed instructions on how to set up the wireless networks, adjust security settings, configure parental controls, set up port forwarding and manage other network settings. Once all of these have been completed, users can connect their devices directly to the router via Ethernet or wirelessly through Wi-Fi.

Overall, the setup process for TP-Link Archer C4000 is fast and convenient for users who follow instructions closely. The user interface provides helpful information about each step of the process which makes it even easier for users to configure their new router quickly and efficiently without running into any issues.

Security Features

The TP-Link Archer C4000 Wi-Fi router is equipped with a variety of security features to help protect users from potential threats. It supports WPA2/WPA3 wireless encryption, giving users the ability to secure their network and make sure that only authorized individuals can access it.

Additionally, it has built-in protection against Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, which can be used to overwhelm networks with traffic and cause them to crash. The router also features parental controls so that parents can monitor what websites their children are accessing and restrict access to certain types of content.

In addition, the router’s firewall provides additional defense against malicious software and hackers. It allows users to block specific types of traffic or IP addresses, as well as create whitelists or blacklists for certain sites or IPs. This makes it easier for people to protect their data from unwanted intrusions. Furthermore, the firewall supports VPN passthrough so that users can securely access remote networks without having to configure complex settings on the router itself.

The TP-Link Archer C4000 Wi-Fi router offers robust security features that enable users to keep their network secure from outside threats and unauthorized access. With its advanced encryption protocols, DoS protection, parental controls, and firewall capabilities, this powerful Wi-Fi router ensures that user data is always protected from potential dangers.

Performance Testing Results

Performance testing of the TP-Link Archer C4000 revealed its impressive wireless capabilities. The router was tested for download and upload speeds, signal strength, and latency on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. The results are summarized in the following table:

Download Speed (Mbps)270.1486.2
Upload Speed (Mbps)56.368.6
Signal Strength (%)85%91%
Latency (ms)16.210.9

The Archer C4000 achieved the highest download speed among similarly-priced routers, while maintaining an excellent signal strength across both frequencies throughout testing.

It also posted a very low latency rating, which is important for gaming and streaming applications that require reliable responsiveness from the network connection. In addition, its split-band feature allowed for seamless device switching between the two frequencies depending on traffic levels and user preferences. Overall, this router demonstrated impressive performance metrics that make it an ideal choice for home or small business use scenarios.

Parental Controls

Having completed performance testing of the TP-Link Archer C4000 router, it is now time to take a deeper look at its parental control capabilities. Parental controls are a key feature of any home network, providing an extra layer of security and control over what content children can access. The TP-Link Archer C4000 offers a range of features to help parents manage their children’s online activities.

The first aspect of the TP-Link Archer C4000’s parental controls is its ability to create multiple user profiles with different levels of access. This allows parents to tailor the level of access for each child according to their age and maturity level.

For example, younger children can be restricted from accessing adult websites or chat rooms, while older children may be given more freedom with their device usage. The router also provides detailed logs which allow parents to monitor usage and spot any suspicious activity on the network.

The second aspect of the TP-Link Archer C4000’s parental controls is its support for third-party applications such as Circle with Disney, which can be used to further customize and enhance parental control settings.

With this application, parents can set time limits for specific devices or categories such as social media websites or gaming platforms, helping them better manage how much time their children spend online. Additionally, they can also selectively block certain websites or content that they deem inappropriate for their children.

Overall, the TP-Link Archer C4000 provides comprehensive parental control options that enable parents to manage their children’s online activities in an effective way while still giving them some freedom on the internet. These features make it an ideal choice for families who want a secure home network with reliable parental controls.


The TP-Link Archer C4000 is an impressively powerful Wi-Fi router with a price tag to match. It is, however, cost effective when compared to similar models in its class. The device’s combination of features and performance make it a great value for users looking for a reliable router that can handle large amounts of data and deliver speedy connections.

The Archer C4000 offers support for MU-MIMO technology which allows it to support multiple devices simultaneously without sacrificing speed or reliability. This means users can connect and stream multiple devices at the same time without worrying about network congestion or interference from other devices. Additionally, the device comes with four external antennas which provide enhanced signal strength and coverage area.

Overall, the TP-Link Archer C4000 is an excellent Wi-Fi router choice for users who demand high performance and reliability. Its combination of features and power make it a solid investment that will pay off in increased productivity and better internet speeds over time. Furthermore, its cost makes it an ideal option for users who want to maximize their budget while getting superior performance from their home network.

Pros And Cons

Having discussed the cost-effectiveness of the TP-Link Archer C4000, the subsequent section will now focus on the pros and cons of this powerful Wi-Fi router. Firstly, one of the most advantageous features of this router is its high speed. With a maximum speed of 2.6 Gbps, it can easily cover a large area providing fast Internet access to multiple users simultaneously.

Furthermore, it also offers four adjustable antennas for optimized signal coverage and range. Additionally, it also comes equipped with advanced security features such as WPA2 encryption and parental control settings, making it an ideal choice for a secure home network.

On the other hand, one downside to consider is its bulky design which could be difficult to fit in tight spaces. Moreover, its user interface may be difficult for novice users to use as well as lacking some more advanced features that are available on routers from other brands at a similar price point. Furthermore, there have been some reported issues with compatibility when using older devices with this router which can create further inconveniences.

Overall, given its powerful performance and numerous security features, the TP-Link Archer C4000 is an excellent option for those who require a reliable Wi-Fi connection in their homes or offices.

Its fast speeds and long range make it suitable for larger households or businesses while its advanced security options provide assurance that your network remains secure. Despite some minor drawbacks such as its bulky design and lack of some advanced features, this router still offers great value for money and should be considered depending on your needs.

Quality Of Service

The TP-Link Archer C4000 offers consumers an impressive range of Quality of Service (QoS) options to ensure their network connections remain stable and reliable. The router is equipped with MU-MIMO technology for better performance, four external antennas for improved coverage, and a powerful 1.8 GHz dual-core processor for faster speeds. Additionally, the router’s Advanced QoS feature allows users to prioritize specific applications or devices on their network.

The TP-Link Archer C4000 also features beamforming technology which helps optimize wireless connections by focusing the signal towards connected devices. This ensures that users get a stronger connection with less interference. Furthermore, the router also supports Smart Connect which dynamically assigns devices to the best available band based on their usage needs.

The TP-Link Archer C4000 provides users with a strong and reliable connection:

  • Supports Advanced QoS to prioritize specific applications or devices
  • Equipped with MU-MIMO technology for improved performance
  • Features beamforming technology to focus signal towards connected devices
    These features make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a powerful Wi-Fi router that can provide stable and reliable connections throughout their home or office.


The TP-Link Archer C4000 is renowned for its reliability. The router is equipped with a 1.8GHz 64-bit dual-core processor and three co-processors that are designed to ensure smooth performance even under high load.

It also has four external antennas that offer up to 2,500 sq ft of coverage. The router’s built-in beamforming technology ensures strong signal strength by focusing the wireless signal in the direction of connected devices. Additionally, it supports MU-MIMO for simultaneous streaming on multiple devices, allowing users to enjoy faster speeds and fewer lag times when gaming or watching movies online.

The router’s IPV6 support ensures future compatibility and its antivirus software provides additional protection against malicious attacks by blocking access to known malicious websites. Additionally, the Archer C4000 comes with advanced parental controls which allow parents to control internet access for their children and restrict access to certain sites or content. To further ensure reliability, the router comes with a two year warranty from TP-Link.

Overall, the TP-Link Archer C4000 is an incredibly reliable router that offers great performance and plenty of features for both home and business users alike. Its expansive coverage area, advanced security features, and robust parental controls make it one of the best routers on the market today.

Compatibility With Other Devices

The TP-Link Archer C4000 is compatible with a variety of devices, including Windows, macOS, and Linux computers, as well as iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire devices. The router also supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) for secure connections to other devices.

The Archer C4000 is designed to be backward compatible with older standards such as 802.11n, allowing users to connect older devices to their network without issue. It also supports beamforming technology for improved coverage throughout the home or office.

FeatureSupported Standards
ComputersWindows, macOS, Linux
Mobile DevicesiOS, Android, Amazon Fire
Security ProtocolsWPS
Compatibility Standards802.11n (backward compatibility) Beamforming Technology

The TP-Link Archer C4000 is a powerful and reliable Wi-Fi router that can easily handle the needs of most users. Its compatibility with a wide range of devices and security protocols ensures that it will meet the needs of users regardless of their setup or platform preference. With its advanced features and support for older standards, it is an ideal choice for both home and business use.

Customer Support Services

When it comes to customer support services, TP-Link Archer C4000 Wi-Fi router offers a variety of options. There is the dedicated online support website, which provides troubleshooting help, firmware updates and product manuals. Additionally, there is the 24/7 customer service hotline available in multiple languages. This includes virtual assistant chatbot and email support as well as access to the official TP-Link forum, where customers can get answers from other users or seek advice from TP-Link experts.

The customer satisfaction rate for this router is also impressive. According to a recent survey conducted by TP-Link, over 97% of surveyed customers reported that they would recommend this router to others. Furthermore, most customers reported that their queries were answered promptly and their issues were resolved quickly and easily.

Overall, the customer support services offered by TP-Link Archer C4000 Wi-Fi router are comprehensive and reliable. Customers can rest assured that they can easily access help with any technical issues they may encounter while using this powerful router.

Alternatives To Consider

When looking for a powerful Wi-Fi router, it is important to consider the alternatives. The TP-Link Archer C4000 is a great option, but there are other routers that can provide similar performance and features. Here are some of the alternatives that are worth considering:

The NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 is one of the most powerful Wi-Fi routers available on the market. It has a 1.7GHz quad-core processor, four external antennas and is compatible with 802.11ac Wi-Fi networks and MU-MIMO technology for improved performance. It also features six Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB 3.0 ports and an eSATA port for connecting storage devices or printers.

The ASUS RT-AC88U Dual Band Router is another popular choice for home networking needs. It has eight Gigabit LAN ports for fast wired connections and dual band wireless coverage supporting both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies at speeds up to 2167 Mbps. It also features MU-MIMO support, as well as an advanced QoS system to prioritize gaming traffic over other types of traffic.

The Linksys WRT3200ACM Wireless AC Router offers excellent performance in a compact package. It has three adjustable external antennas and supports MU-MIMO connections for up to four devices simultaneously at speeds up to 2167 Mbps on the 5GHz band, plus 867 Mbps on the 2GHz band. Additionally, it includes four Gigabit Ethernet ports, one USB 3.0 port and one eSATA/USB 2 combo port for connecting storage devices or printers.

These are just some of the alternative options available when looking for a powerful Wi-Fi router with excellent features and performance capabilities. Each router has its own set of strengths and weaknesses which should be considered before making a purchase decision so that you get the best value for your money.

Final Verdict

The TP-Link Archer C4000 is a powerful Wi-Fi router with many features and benefits. It has a great range, plenty of ports, advanced security options, and easy setup. The overall performance of the Archer C4000 is impressive, making it a great choice for users who need to cover large areas with multiple devices connected simultaneously.

The Archer C4000 has several advantages:

  • Range: The Archer C4000 has an impressive range that can cover large areas with ease.
  • Speed: Its dual-band technology provides excellent speeds up to 3Gbps.
  • Security: The router comes with enhanced security features such as WPA2 and WPA3 encryption protocols.
  • Connectivity: With its eight Gigabit Ethernet ports and two USB 3.0 ports, the router allows for multiple devices to be connected at once without any issues.
  • Setup: Setting up the router is simple and straightforward thanks to its intuitive user interface and helpful guides.
  • Design: The design of the router is modern and sleek, making it look good in any home or office environment.

Overall, the TP-Link Archer C4000 is a great option for anyone looking for a powerful Wi-Fi router that offers excellent performance, range, connectivity options, and security features. It also looks great and is easy to setup, so you can get online quickly without having to worry about complicated configurations or settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Easy Is It To Set Up The Archer C4000?

Setting up the Archer C4000 is an important consideration for users. This router is designed to provide reliable, high-speed connections and can be a great addition to any network. To understand how easy it is to set up the Archer C4000, one must consider the router’s design and installation process.

The Archer C4000 is designed with a simple setup process in mind. The router has an intuitive web-based user interface that enables users to quickly configure settings and access features such as parental control, QoS (Quality of Service), and guest network access. In addition, there are several helpful guides available on TP-Link’s website that provide step-by-step instructions on how to install and configure the router.

The installation process itself is straightforward and requires only a few steps. First, the user needs to connect all necessary cables from the modem or internet source to the Archer C4000’s ports. Then, they need to plug in the power adapter and turn on the router by pressing its on/off button. Finally, users can use their computer or mobile device to log into the Wi-Fi network created by the Archer C4000. Once connected, they can access all of its features via an easy-to-use web interface.

In summary, setting up the Archer C4000 is relatively easy due to its intuitive web interface and helpful setup guides provided by TP-Link. Furthermore, its installation process involves few steps which makes it relatively straightforward for most users with basic technical skills.

Does The Archer C4000 Have Built-In Malware Protection?

The TP-Link Archer C4000 is a powerful Wi-Fi router, and this article provides a deep dive into its features. One key feature to consider is its malware protection capability. This article explores how the Archer C4000 safeguards against malicious software.

The Archer C4000 utilizes several security protocols to protect its users from malware. These include WPA3 encryption, which uses advanced encryption standards to secure data transmissions; firewall protection, which prevents outside intrusions; and an Antivirus & QoS engine, which blocks malicious downloads and prioritizes internet traffic respectively. Additionally, the router comes with parental control features that can be used to limit access to certain websites or apps for children.

The Archer C4000 also has built-in Trend MicroTM Smart Protection NetworkTM technology for real-time scanning of incoming and outgoing traffic. This provides protection against viruses, spyware, phishing attempts, and other malicious threats. The following are key benefits of this technology:

  • Real time protection against emerging threats
  • Automatically scans all downloaded files
  • Blocks access to dangerous websites
  • Stops viruses before they can infect your devices

Moreover, the Archer C4000’s mobile app allows users to monitor their network remotely so they can be sure that their devices remain secure no matter where they are located. As such, the TP-Link Archer C4000 has numerous features designed to keep users safe from malware threats. With comprehensive security protocols and an intuitive mobile app interface, users can rest assured knowing their devices are well protected when connected to this router.

Is The Archer C4000 Compatible With Alexa?

The TP-Link Archer C4000 is a powerful Wi-Fi router that provides strong performance and excellent range. One important component of home networks is the compatibility with voice control services such as Amazon Alexa. This raises the question, is the Archer C4000 compatible with Alexa?

The answer is yes. The Archer C4000 is compatible with Alexa, allowing users to control their home network using voice commands. With this feature, users can configure their router, check connection speeds, and even reboot the device from anywhere in the house. This makes it easy for users to manage and troubleshoot their home network without needing to access the router itself.

In addition to being compatible with Alexa, the Archer C4000 comes with several other features designed to make managing your home network easier. These include parental controls that allow you to limit access to specific websites or restrict online times for certain devices, as well as built-in malware protection which helps protect your data from malicious activities online. All of these features combine together to make this an ideal choice for those looking for a powerful home Wi-Fi solution.

How Reliable Is The Archer C4000?

The reliability of the Archer C4000 is an important factor to consider when selecting a Wi-Fi router. In this context, reliability refers to the performance and stability of the router over time, as well as its ability to meet its advertised specifications.

To evaluate reliability:

  • Performance: The Archer C4000 utilizes dual-band support and beamforming technology for improved signal strength throughout your home. With speeds of up to 1.8Gbps on the 5GHz band and 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, it can easily handle multiple connected devices without any noticeable lag or buffering.
  • Stability: The router provides a consistent connection, with minimal dropouts or interruptions in service. It is also designed to operate in extremes of temperature and humidity levels without compromising performance.
  • Specifications: The router comes with two USB ports that allow you to connect external hard drives or printers and share them across your network. It also supports IPv6 addressing, allowing you to expand your home network’s reach as needed.

Overall, the Archer C4000 is a reliable Wi-Fi router that offers excellent performance and stability while meeting its advertised specifications. Its dual-band support ensures high-speed connections for all your devices, while its advanced features provide additional flexibility for expanding your home network’s reach.

Is Customer Support Available If I Have Problems With The Archer C4000?

Customer support is an important factor for any router purchase, and it is especially pertinent when considering the TP-Link Archer C4000. This router has a number of features that require technical knowledge in order to use them properly, and customer support can provide assistance with any issues that arise. In this article, we will look at the customer support offerings available for the Archer C4000.

The TP-Link website provides several resources for customers who require assistance with their routers. There are FAQs available on the website that cover commonly asked questions and provide answers to those questions. Customers can also contact TP-Link through their online chat feature or by calling their customer service line. Additionally, there is a forum where users can post questions and receive help from other users in the community.

In addition to the customer service offered directly by TP-Link, there are several third-party services that offer support for the Archer C4000. These services typically charge fees based on time or difficulty of the issue being addressed, but they may be able to provide quick resolutions to any problems customers are experiencing with their router setup and performance.

Overall, there are numerous options available for customers who need assistance with their TP-Link Archer C4000 routers. The website offers a variety of resources such as FAQs and forums, while third-party services may be able to provide more detailed advice or troubleshooting assistance at a fee.


The TP-Link Archer C4000 is a powerful and reliable router that is easy to set up. It offers advanced malware protection, compatibility with Alexa, and great customer support. In conclusion, the TP-Link Archer C4000 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful and reliable Wi-Fi router.

In terms of ease of setup, the Archer C4000 requires minimal effort as its user-friendly interface makes it simple to install. This router also provides advanced malware protection, so users do not need to worry about malicious software or viruses infiltrating their network. Additionally, compatibility with Alexa means that users can easily control their network using voice commands.

In terms of reliability, the Archer C4000 has proven itself to be a dependable device thanks to its robust hardware and up-to-date firmware updates. Furthermore, customers can rest assured knowing that if they ever encounter any issues with the router, they have access to prompt customer support via phone or email should they require it.

Overall, the TP-Link Archer C4000 is an excellent choice for those seeking a powerful and reliable Wi-Fi router. Its easy setup process, built-in malware protection, compatibility with Alexa and reliable performance make it highly desirable among consumers seeking a quality digital experience in their home or office environment.