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What is a Static and Dynamic IP Address?

What is a Static IP Address

A static IP address is not a temporary IP address, as the name suggests. Instead, it is a permanent IP address. It stays the same over time and can be used to host websites, share large files, and access devices or networks from a distance. Static IP addresses are useful in many ways today, and most people prefer to link their domain name or server account to a static IP address.

What is a Dynamic IP Address

As the name suggests, a dynamic IP address is a short-term IP address. When a device connects to your home network, it gets an IP address. Most of the time, this IP address changes. A dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server gives each new device that joins your network an IP address that changes over time. As more devices join the network, your device’s IP address may change. When there aren’t enough IP addresses and devices join and leave the network a lot, dynamic IP addresses can help.

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