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What is WAN/LAN?

What is a Local Area Network (LAN)

LAN, which stands for “local area network,” is a collection of network devices that are all connected to the same network and can talk to each other over that network. The private owner, not the government, is in charge of the LAN (ISP). Most of the time, it is used in small places like schools, colleges, etc.

What is a Wide Area Network (WAN)

Wide Area Networks cover a bigger area than LANs, like a country. WAN is much more expensive than LAN, and no one person or organization can own it. A WAN can be made up of several LANs that are linked together. WAN can be open to the public or closed to the public. WANs have slower speeds, and the speeds you get depend on your ISP. The Internet is a good example of a public WAN. ISPs, or Internet Service Providers, usually connect WANs to the Internet.

Most of the time, LANs have much faster internet speeds than WANs. They can also send data much faster because they don’t have to travel as far. WANs are less secure and reliable than LANs because they have to send data over longer distances and use third-party service providers.

Because it is made up of many different networks, WAN is better than LAN because it can cover a much larger area and connect to more devices. But LAN is much easier to set up than WAN because it only needs a few things. Also, WAN costs much more than LAN because it has to pay ISP fees.

LAN is the best way for small organizations and institutions to transfer data and information quickly, reliably, and securely between devices. However, it is not possible to set up a LAN at greater distances on a larger scale.


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