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Xfinity Router: How to Website Block in Xfinity Router

Use the Website Block feature of your Xfinity router and a predetermined timetable to limit access to questionable content online.

Internet Access Denied by Xfinity Router

To prevent your children from engaging in inappropriate online behavior, you must set up parental controls on your Xfinity modem. In the previous article, I explained how to access your Xfinity router’s login page and update the network’s SSID and password. The Xfinity cable modem requires a login if you want to use the parental control tools or restrict websites or applications on your device. Whether you’re using a residential or commercial Comcast Xfinity connection, safety should always be a top priority.

With Xfinity Home Gateway, you can choose from a variety of security features to keep your private data safe online. In order to protect their online activity, users always use a password, both for accessing the network and for accessing their accounts. In addition to ensuring that our wireless network is secure, we may also block inappropriate information and websites. In order to protect sensitive information while using Xfinity at school, at home, or at the office, users must activate the firewall. Learn how to restrict access to certain websites and set time limits for internet use on your Xfinity Router with the aid of this user manual.

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How can I restrict access to specific websites using Xfinity?

There is a dark side to the internet, despite the fact that we all rely on it for our livelihoods and that much of the world’s information is accessible only online. There are a lot of malicious sites out there that pose a risk to our computers and private information. A large number of people fall victim to cyberfishing traps every day because their internet connections are not secure.

In order to keep your children safe from internet predators and viruses, you can set up content filters on your Comcast router. You may have antivirus protection on your mobile device or desktop computer, but there are still many fishing sites out there that pose a threat to your device since they are able to evade detection by your antivirus software.

There are many companies that make modems that work with Xfinity, and the login credentials for each brand and model are different.

Xfinity’s Site Blocking Instructions

  • Link Xfinity to your computer or laptop using WiFi or an RJ45 cable.
  • Launch your web browser and go to the Xfinity Login IP of
  • Admin and password will get you in when you use the default settings.
  • The IP address used to log in to a Comcast router varies by model. In some cases, such as with Arris routers, it is, in others, it is, and still others, it is or

To restrict or permit access to specific websites and applications, simply open the Comcast router’s admin panel and then follow the instructions provided.

Select the child safety option.

  • Restricted Internet Access During Certain Times of the Day
  • Blocking Websites
  • In order to block specific websites or keywords, select the corresponding option.

Website Blocking

  • Check to enable website blocking
  • Include any keywords/websites you’d like to restrict access to (e.g., Facebook.com, Youtube.com, Instagram, etc.).
  • If you’ve already entered a domain name and URL or the name of an app, you can go to the next step.
  • Select the computer you wish to apply the policy on from the list of connected computers.
  • To include the machine in the list, select the Connected computers button.
  • For changes to take effect, click the “Apply” button.
  • Select the website’s URL from the list, then press the delete button to remove it from the Xfinity router’s blacklist.

Time Restriction on Internet Use

Limiting kids’ online usage can help them focus on their schoolwork. Internet connectivity through a Comcast router can be restricted on some days and at certain times.

Internet access can be allowed or denied at predetermined times and days.

The Present Time Bounds on Internet Access

1. Let’s introduce the Kids-PC (choose the computer or mobile you want to restrict internet access for a specific time)

2. Prevent users from connecting to the internet at these times:

You can set a daily or weekly block. (choose the date you want that person on the list to be unable to access the internet)

3. When You Should Put Up Barriers
Define a period of time during which access to the internet will be denied.

Parents can restrict their children’s access to the internet on their phones and computers during study hours.

Limits to your internet use can be applied with a click of the Apply button.

Your children will be safe from harmful information and online pitfalls with the help of this screening feature.

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The Xfinity Router Login Issues

There are several potential causes and a lack of technical understanding that could prevent you from accessing the Xfinity router’s login page. Fix the problem that prevents you from accessing the Comcast router configuration page if you are unable to log in.

Address for Remote Access ( failing to function

If your cable modem does not connect to the internet using the default IP address of 10.0.0.o.1, it is likely because the IP address is not associated with your router or your network is not set up properly.

Be sure that your laptop or desktop’s LAN IP settings are set to DHCP.
Verify the router’s printed IP address does not differ from the one you entered.
If you’re using a router of a different brand, check the device’s manual or sticker for the default login information.
Verify that you are using the wrong form of the http:// login IP address. The format http//: is not acceptable.

Using the Website Block feature of your Comcast Xfinity cable modem, you can create a blacklist of inappropriate sites for your children to access. Protect your home internet and wifi network from intruders by activating the security features. Every router has a firewall feature that can filter content and block ports.